A voice worth listening to


As trainee teachers I think we all aspire to make a positive contribution to children’s lives. We want children to learn from us, make progress and be inspired by our outstanding teaching!  But, perhaps most importantly, we want children in our classrooms to be happy and safe. Continue reading


What’s the relevance?


That was a question asked following the learning and development session last week. Why were we being asked to look at the theories of learning given by these three psychologists, some of which dated as far back as the 1930s? Continue reading

A Discussion Into Learning In The Digital Age


Here I am, writing a blog post reflecting on today’s lecture about learning in the digital age. Quite simply I am having first-hand experience of using technology to communicate with peers, evaluate and discuss. Had I thought too much about the use of technology in learning before today? Honestly not really, but the lecture has made me question its use, whether it has a positive or negative influence on learning and planning when best to use it in lessons. Continue reading